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freebly is an innovative model of law firm, it provides a maximum quality service and it distinguishes itself on the market for its consultants’ competitive attitude as well as their seniority, as they operate complying to strict Business Ethical policies to achieve common benefits and equal and sustainable social development. freebly is the first benefit corporate law firm in Italy.

Alidat expands its ability to serve and support customers, companies, professionals and investors operating globally in the alternative assets industry. Thanks to a consultancy and professional assistance agreement, freebly will provide its legal, training, coaching and sustainability services to Alidat's current and prospective clients. The agreement represents an example of the growing need in the economic field of building sustainable and value chains between companies.

The founders of freebly strongly believe that the legal benefit company’s legal status brings advantages to all stakeholders, and that it represents the greatest warranty of a transparent policy of balance between profits and ethical interests. freebly represents a new model in the legal services market, where lawyers become entrepreneurs on their own, the organization, the structure and the hierarchies of the traditional law firms are dematerialized by technology. Its professionals operate in smart working or among clients, and they are free to manage their own time and activities.

freebly is a neologism created by merging the two words Freedom and Flexibility, existential concepts at the basis of the firm’s value system.


MergerWare is a SaaS based, secure enterprise digital solution dedicated to creating the most efficient M&A deal management and execution process from discovery, due-diligence to post-merger integration activities.

By employing the MergerWare platform, executives can automate and systematize their processes across the firm achieving greater transparency and control. This lets the team focus on value drivers and thereby synergy creation. MergerWare can monitor the post merger key takeaways using forecasts and realized benefits, executive visibility, and roll up of critical value drivers and financial synergies.

MergerWare helps companies establish repeatable, predictable high-quality M&A processes that deliver faster results, reduce costs and mitigate many of the risks inherent to “traditional” deal management.

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